About us

We are Jemima Kingsley and Sarah Garrett. We have lived and worked in the Bermondsey Street area of Southwark, London for many years and take an active part in our local community. We have both worked for global dot coms in the past. We prefer the personal aspects of working for smaller creative companies and individuals, where we can play a fuller role in helping you to be successful in your online presence. We enjoy visiting our clients and can come to your office for meetings if you’re local.

About Jemima

Jemima has worked as a Webmaster for the BBC and GameSpot UK, and has been responsible for all the IT and websites of a successful publishing company operating in the UK and the US. Her specialism is thinking of, and preventing, problems before they arise.

About Sarah

Sarah has worked as a web developer specialising in WordPress for many years, and loves to hand code HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, with a mobile first approach. This combination of platform knowledge and raw coding ability gets the best results, and she  now combines these skills to also get the most out of Shopify and SquareSpace. Sarah’s also had a successful career as a stage manager, so hitting deadlines and getting the detail right are skills she now applies to our projects.

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